Together we can create the wedding ceremony you have dreamed about.

We express our thoughts and feelings through words.  Words are the most important symbols to express ideals and hopes as well as our love for each other.  We draw on our own thoughts as well as the great poets and writers to put into words what we feel and want to say.  A wide range of ceremonies are necessary to fill human need, benefit society and add meaning and purpose to people’s lives.

There is a range of beautiful rituals we can incorporate

If you wish to include cultural or religious traditions to enhance the significance of the ceremony, we can incorporate them into proceedings.  A traditional ritual can enrich a ceremony, involving the guests and ensuring the ongoing love and support for the fortunate couple.

Or perhaps you’d like to start your own tradition!  You’re only limited to your own imagination and I’m very happy to make it a reality.

Themed weddings can be fun if you have a passion for history, fiction or fantasy: “Alice’s tea party” may come to mind, Old Wild West America, Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s your party – you decide.

Brief but beautiful weddings

If a simple wedding with the basic legal requirements and one or two readings would suit your needs, we can arrange a short but meaningful ceremony with a maximum of eight guests in my office or garden.

A reduced fee will apply for this ceremony.

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