A wide range of ceremonies are necessary to fill human need, benefit society and add meaning and purpose to people’s lives.

Joseph Campbell, a famous American anthropologist, believes that the level of civilization in a society is directly proportional to the number of ceremonies practised in that society.

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Together, we can create the wedding ceremony you have dreamed about: beautiful, personal and individual.
We express our thoughts and feelings through words: words are the most important symbols to express ideals and hopes as well as our love for each other. We draw on our own thoughts as well as the great poets and writers to put into words what we feel and want to say.

Renewal of Vows

Celebrate your happiness today and every day. Remember those anniversaries and special times and revel in them.
Renew those vows whether they are formal or informal. Rejoice in the good times and make new memories with the people in your lives who mean so much to you. Encourage them to support your vows with you and to be part of this wonderful memory.

Naming Celebrations

Introducing a baby into the world with a naming ceremony is a fulfilling and meaningful experience for all concerned.
It is a time to draw on the richness of our cultures to express joy, hope and acceptance. A secular ceremony is often chosen to enable a child to choose a religious baptism when they are old enough to appreciate the meaning.


You want the last thing you do for your loved one to be special and to reflect their personality and life.
I would be privileged to bring all these things together to create exactly the ceremony that will honor and reflect your loved one.
There is a range of beautiful rituals we can incorporate to enhance your ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies

Two people who love each other may prefer a commitment ceremony for any one of a number of motives – including legal, cultural and religious reasons.
Creating a meaningful and memorable commitment ceremony for people who love one another is a most fulfilling experience. As in any ceremony, symbolism and ritual will enhance the event and I would enjoy helping you plan and celebrate a special, personal and individual service.

Adolescent Rites

A youngster standing on the threshold of adolescence, transitioning to young adulthood and all the mysteries that lie ahead may feel bewildered and unsupported.
Celebrating with youngsters and demonstrating love, support and an ongoing commitment to their welfare is reassuring and helpful at a time when life can be difficult. Together, we can create a ceremony to fulfill all these needs.

Animal Blessings

Animals play an integral part in modern society and the loss of a beloved pet can be as great as the loss of a family member.
We can design a ceremony to say goodbye while remembering the joy your beloved pet brought to your life.

Bless the beasts and the children,
they have no choice, They have no voice
– The Carpenters

Any Other Life Event

We can design a wonderful ceremony to mark a significant event in a really meaningful fashion, to be remembered for years to come.
It may be a significant birthday that you would like to celebrate with panache.

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